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Robots are delivering pizzas and customers are paying with their smiles. As a company that puts people at the heart, we want to know if there’s such a thing as too much tech?

The Place recently caught up with people-person Jeremy, Head Brewer at Jennings, and Apple-lover Henry, Kitchen Skills Coach, to find out.

For Jeremy there’s no substitute for a real conversation. He believes a hands-on approach is really important to the brewing process. But for Henry, tech is changing our industry for the better – and we need to embrace it!

So, what do our customers think? We found out…

  • 70% of our customers prefer full table service when they go for a meal in a pub-restaurant.
  • Our customers are a bit wary of using tech in pubs. 70% don’t like the idea of ordering via an app at the moment.
  • 43% of under 45s would consider using an app to pay in the future. Preordering online is less popular, though.
  • We can really make a difference to a customer’s experience by being personal, quick and smiley.

Head of Consumer Insight Louise, said: “Whilst there are some benefits, tech will never fully replace the teams that engage with customers face-to-face.”

Now it’s over to you! Are you ‘team tech’ or ‘people power’ all the way? Join the debate by commenting below. Remember to share your customers’ thoughts too!



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