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Want to know the perfect festive beer and Christmas food pairings? Look no further than our handy guide.

Here are three simple steers to help you match your menu:-

  1. Complement your food and drink by looking for similar aromas and flavours.
  2. Alternatively, go for a contrast – opposites work well together, like sweet and sour!
  3. Finally, it’s all about using the bitterness of hops to cut through richer flavours and textures. This works really well when you’re serving strong cheese.

Here’s our perfect menu, matching festive favourites with some of our best-loved tipples…


Smoked salmon with a squeeze of lemon juice works perfectly with Jennings Cockerhoop. The crisp bitterness of the beer cuts through the smoky sweetness of the salmon.

A fruity pork and cranberry pate is complemented well with a bittersweet ale, like Bombardier. Its caramel overtones soften the tangy sharpness of the cranberry fruit.


It’s got to be roast turkey with all the trimmings matched with a cold pint of Warsteiner. The light, meadow-fresh aromas complement the turkey, keeping the flavours vibrant.

Marmalade-glazed ham hock works well with the orange and grapefruit notes of Hobgoblin Gold. The bitter notes of the beer contrast well with the sweet meat.


The chocolate and crisp malt of Young’s Chocolate Stout enhance the rich taste of a classic chocolate yule log.

If you love the rich spice of a Christmas pud, match it with Shipyard’s Pale Ale to really make the most of those nutty flavours.


Our guest Christmas Everyday IPA, with its broad bitterness, will contrast with the creamy richness of strong cheese.

We’d love to hear about your favourite combos! Send us a pic of your perfect pairings to


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