Meet our highway heroes

We’re joining drivers Tim Preece and Christian Speight to get their verdicts on our new trucks!

Meet Tim.

It’s 06.00 and Tim’s just set out on his early morning route. He can cover more than 300km in a day and he’s been driving off from our Ringwood depot since 1995 – still loving it after 22 years behind the wheel!

Tim’s one of the 300 draymen we have working from 12 of our depots across the UK. All of our drivers supply our sites with everything we need to make Marston’s ‘The Place to Be’ – this not only includes food and drinks, but also cutlery and cleaning products!

Our drivers are always out and about, whatever the weather – so it’s really important they have the right equipment to keep the wheels of our business in motion.

Tim’s had a test-drive of his brand new 26-tonne Mercedes HGV – and he’s pretty impressed.

“It’s brilliant so far. The rear steering and rear cameras are fantastic, and it’s definitely making a difference to the drive,” he said. “Some pubs are located down very tight streets and these features make it much quicker and safer to access them. The all-round air suspension also means you can lower the whole vehicle when you make a delivery. I don’t have to bend or stretch to reach items in the back, so I have a much more comfortable working day.”

Meet Christian.

He’s worked as one of our drivers for more than seven years. Watch as Christian sets out on a route that can see him cover up to 15 of our pubs each day. Hear what he has to say about his job, building great customer relationships and what it’s like to drive a brand new Merc…

Have you spotted one of the new trucks? Let us know! Get in touch at

Here are more of the features our new Mercs have to help you recognise our trucks on the road:

  • One size is not enough, so we have three! 90% of the new trucks are 26-tonne models, but the fleet also includes 15- and 12-tonne lorries for pubs that are hard to get to.
  • They’re even safer. The emergency braking system means staying safe on the road is even easier – and look out for the forward, reverse and left-side cameras to protect pedestrians and road users.
  • Lane assist? Tick! An alarm sounds in the cab, altering the driver if the truck veers from its lane.
  • Our air suspension allows the whole vehicle to be lowered – making unloading easier and safer for our drivers (now that’s taken a load off our minds!).


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