It’s pub quiz time!

Everyone loves a pub quiz, right? Well, we’re no exception. Calling all quizzers!

Take a look at our drinks feature in issue 5 of The Place and put your knowledge to the test with our quiz…

1. First up – a customer asks you to recommend a lower-calorie, alcoholic drink. What do you suggest?

a) One of our new premium gins, like Williams Elegant 48, with a diet tonic.
b) A refreshing, fruity cider such as Kingston Press or Old Mout.
c) An impressive cocktail made with fruit juice and spirits.

Answer: A.

A single gin and diet tonic comes in at around 110 calories, while a bottle of cider can be more than 200. Cocktails, as you’d expect, are a mix. A Cosmo is around 218 calories, while a mojito’s just 135. (Source:

2. Did you know that craft beers and gins are growing in popularity? But what other drinks are on the up at Marston’s?

a) Cocktails.
b) Lager.
c) Sparkling wine.

Answer: That was a trick question as it’s A AND C!

We sold 14% more cocktails last year and sparkling wine sales are also fizzing. Lager may not be in growth but it still accounts for more than half our sales!

3. When a new customer arrives, should you:

a) Quick – give immediate eye contact and ask them what they want.
b) High-five them and sing ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie.
c) Welcome them and let them settle. Then offer up a drinks menu and give them time to choose.

Answer: C.

Make sure you don’t ask them what they want too soon. We should give customers time to relax and get comfortable before they need to make any decisions.

4. On average, how many drinks does a customer order when having a meal at one of our pubs?

a) 3
b) 1
c) 2

Answer: It’s B!

So remember to ask them if they want another one. Offer a top-up and be ready to recommend an alternative you think they’d love.

5. When you’re pouring a cask ale, what questions should you ask yourself?

a) “How many days are there until Christmas?”
b) “Is the glass logo facing the customer when I serve it?”
c) “Is the glass clean and the nozzle at its base?”

Answer: We’ve tricked you again – it’s B and C.

Do these two and we’re sure you’ll pour the perfect pint!


Whether you’re a drinks quizmaster or it’s not been your round, it’s time to put your new drinks ‘know-how’ into action on your next shift. Ready, set… serve!


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