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It was a long assessment day for our Customer Service teams at Marston’s House and Marston’s Brewery but they smashed it!

But, it was well worth it because the teams were awarded a joint accreditation for Customer Service Excellence for the fourth year in a row. They even received 12 ‘excellent’ scores (one more than last year!).

Helen Lynch, Customer Service Manager – Sales, said: “The assessment tests the areas that are most important to our customers, like delivery, timeliness, professionalism and attitude.

“It was a pretty long day, but we had some brilliant feedback about how the teams have an obvious bond with our customers. The assessor also said how professional our people are – and that it was refreshing to see their dedication to owning each and every customer issue.”

“We’re a really close-knit team and we’re always committed to improving our service standards,” added Anna Thompson, Customer Service Advisor – Taverns & Leased Partners.  “This recognition of our hard work is a really great result.”


What’s the team’s secret?

We asked teammates what gives them the award-winning touch. Here’s what our advisors said:

  • “Perfection is our aim. We always strive to make sure our customers get what they need, when they need it.” Anna Thompson
  • “We’ve worked together as a team for a long time and I think that’s the key to our success. We’re always happy to help and support each other.” Wendy Browne
  • “For me, it’s about not getting complacent – we’re always looking to improve!” Anne Illsley


The team’s top tips:

  • Make sure your product knowledge is up-to-date so you know how to deal with any difficult queries.
  • Always answer the phone professionally and deal with the customer in a friendly way.
  • Timeliness is everything – make sure you do all you can to sort your customer’s request, query or issue as quickly as possible.
  • Have the confidence in your own ability! If you’re confident, the customer will have confidence in you too.

Above all, when you’re dealing with a customer, smile – even if you’re on the phone! You can always tell!


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