The Royal Oak’s new brew

After winning our Taverns & Leased Partners Cask Ale Pub of the Year award, Steve and Katy were given the chance to become ‘brewers for the day’ at DE14 – our microbrewery in Burton-on-Trent.

“It was so interesting,” said Steve. “We’ve worked at the pub for 11 years, but I’ve never been involved in the brewing process, so it was great to see it from that side.”

After learning more about experimenting with small batches of beer, the couple tipped the barley into the water, gave the mix a good stir – and let modern technology finish the job.

 We have been selling our beer in the pub; our customers love it – and so do we!” added Steve. “We were chuffed to get the Cask Ale award and we’ve entered again this year. So, like with the brewing, it’s a case of sitting back now and waiting to see what happens…”


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