Networking with customers

One teammate's conversation at The Silver Birch resulted in a sponsorship deal!

Assistant Manager Ben McCloughlin overheard some of the organisers of Yorkshire Wartime Experience chatting over their food and drink.

Being the fantastic teammate Ben is, he asked what it was all about and how we could get involved.

Fast forward a couple of hours and we were the main sponsor of the programme with a full page spread with all the offers we do and 20% off for ticket holders, along with mentions throughout the weekend on their social media channels. All this for just £50!

The weekend was a great success with more than 8,000 people enjoying the experience weekend and the result for us?

We have welcomed stall holders, organisers, campers and visitors  take advantage of the offer and over the course of the weekend our teammates at the Silver Birch took an extra £2,500 worth of sales through the people attending the event.

But Ben didn’t stop there! He also managed to persuade the organisers to come down with a few vehicles and some entertainment including a war time singing tribute with no cost to ourselves.

Paul Cooper, General Manager said: “Customers absolutely loved it and we had some great engagement on both in the pub and on social media.”

From all of us – well done Ben!


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