Recycling, recycling, recycling - it’s everywhere and you can’t get away from it and you can’t ignore it.

It turns out we are so good at cutting waste across the business, we were shortlisted for the Retail Recycling Champion award.

Your amazing work saw us recognised in the Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management Awards with our new waste services partner, UK Waste Solutions Ltd (UKWSL).

Since we launched our Wise up to Waste campaign and started rolling out new bins in October:

  • We’re now diverting 96% of our waste from landfill.
  • Inns & Taverns has upped recycling from 60% to 71%.
  • Food waste recycling has increased from 340 sites last year to 506 sites.
  • Glass is being recycled at 96% of our sites.
  • Dry mixed recycling like cardboard, plastics and tin cans is happening at 84% of our sites too

And to help us keep up the good work, we’re still building on those successes by making sure every site has all the right recycling bins it needs.

Where does your team fit in? Find out more by checking out our Wise Up to Waste video…


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