Profits up, new pubs and bars, new lodges and more doors to be opened - what a start to the year!

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to our success – and the proof is in the pudding as they say – or the burger, the Rotisserie chicken, or the beer!

Now seriously (just for a second or two) Ralph Finlay CEO proudly presented Marston’s as a high quality business delivering growth when he announced our interim (half-yearly) results to the Stock Exchange.

With the company showing growth in revenue and earnings, it’s clear we have a leading pubs and beer business (as if you didn’t know already!).

Here are the highlights:


– Average profit per pub up 3%

– Four new pub and bar openings and three new lodges in past six months

– On track to open 23 pubs and bars, plus 8 lodges, this financial year

Beer business

–        Market-leading and continues to grow

–        26% share of premium bottled ale

–        19% share of premium cask ale

–        Own-brewed beer volumes up 2%

Fact of the day! In the last 10 years we have built around 200 pubs on new sites.

Photo credit: Northern Design Awards



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