The Great Get Together Pale Ale

Our teammates and thousands of people up and down the country joined in the Great Get Together across the UK.

You’ll remember we teamed up with the people behind the Great Get Together campaign to help produce a new pale ale – they loved our house yeasts and knew they had to have them in this limited edition beer. (Other breweries were involved in the making of this beer!)

So the Great Get Together Pale Ale was bottled and has hit the shelves in our brewery shops – the more that is bought across the UK the more money raised for The Jo Cox Foundation.

It is being sold until the end of July as long as stocks last so grab it while you can.

We delivered to the following brewery stores:

Wolverhampton Store: 15 cases

Ringwood Store: 20 cases

Burton Store: 10 cases

Jennings Store: 10 cases

Wychwood Store: 15 cases

If you’ve already enjoyed your supply of the Great Get Together Pale Ale then let us know your thoughts or share some photos with us of you and your friends enjoying the special ale.

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