Climbing walls, running up mountains, wading through the river in the dark and adventurous marathon distance running... get involved!

Your teammates Adam Morritt, John Walsh, Dil Gilbert, Matt Jervis and Jason Shakespeare have set the limit by taking part in the second Wainwright-sponsored Rat Race Dirty Weekender where they ‘enjoyed’ a 20 mile 200 obstacle race.

As well as the team raising £1,260 for Marie Curie, the event also became the biggest event of the year for Wainwrights as they pulled in 9,000 people who camped for the weekend and took on the largest assault course at Burghley House.

All competitors certainly deserved their Wainwright and chance to relax to The Hoosiers and Judge Jules after taking on the Monster muddy obstacles.

Now our Wainwright team want you to do the same!

Don’t worry the Wainwright team will make sure you are hydrated and reward you with something golden at the end – oh and a free t-shirt of course. We know you can’t resist now can you?

The Wainwright-sponsored Rat Race programme continues:

  • Wembley Survival of the Fittest – 8 July
  • Rat Race Man vs Lakes, Cumbria – 15 July
  • Cardiff Survival of the Fittest – 24 September
  •  Nottingham Survival of the Fittest – 7 October
  •  Manchester Survival of the Fittest – 28 October

To congratulate our Marston’s team for completing the Rat Race Dirty Weekender feel free to boost their charity cash pot here


Well done also to James Hodgkinson, Emma Scorer, Richard Westwood, Hannah Fletcher, Eleanor Moffatt, Joshua Wainwright, Alyssa Nicholas, David Scorer, Sophie Westwood, Abi Floyd, Tom Spencer, Laura Floyd, Emma Dando, Matt Westwood, Nick Westwood, from Marston’s Brewery who took on the Wolf Run – 10k of mud and obstacles – raising £1,885 for Compton Hospice.


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