Food bloggers are like Marmite in our industry! But it seems Fashion Du Jour LDN blogger Leigh found “food heaven” at Lost & Found in Knutsford.

In “the pinnacle of the picture perfect town of Knutsford” food blogger Leigh from Fashion Du Jour LDN enjoyed her visit to the Lost & Found!

She called it one of the most stunning restaurants she had ever visited, praising the warm welcome, the brilliantly light and airy interior design, and waitress Diana for helping with her cocktail menu choices, including a Stansfield Sparklet and a Kraken’s Sacrifice (passion fruit, vanilla, mint, cinnamon and Krakens Rum).

Our teammates were also given top marks for the the Josper oven-cooked mussels and the duo of duck (breast of duck and a duck croquette).

This sums our perfection off brilliantly! “The vibe is warm and relaxed, the staff are amazing – attentive, informed and friendly, the food and drink is delicious – what more could you ask for?”

Our blogger promises to be back – but not before many of her followers have also commented that they are keen to come along and try it too!

You read the full review and see the amazing photos here

Photo credit: Fashion Du Jour


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