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It’s our favourite day of the year (obviously!) and we can’t wait to join our customers and teammates in toasting the very best of British beer on 15 June.

Beer Day Britain is the ideal chance to spread the word and our love of all things beer so we’ll be joining customers in toasting our national drink as the nation comes together at 7pm on 15 June and unites in the battle cry Cheers to Beer.

Why 15 June? It’s the day the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 and, of course, ale was mentioned in that great charter so it’s fitting we celebrate the centuries of beer since with a national party.

We are keen to hear what our teammates around the country have planned for the day and remember to get those photographs and posts out there on social media using the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

What have we been doing to get ready for the big day?

We have been hitting the road to explore the best of British beer with our Ultimate Brewery Tour.

From Ringwood to Jennings we are asking our social media fans to come and share their stories of beer in their local town.

The footage will be pre-recorded and released on 15 June to coincide with Beer Day Britain, so watch this space to see what our fans have to say.

And in the meantime all our breweries are encouraging social media fans to join in with the Cheers to Beer event.

And we’ll be sending out free beer to a few lucky people so they can get their mates round to join in the fun.

Drum roll please… at 7pm on 15 June each brewery will be going live on Facebook to say Cheers to Beer.

So who is involved?

Many of Britain’s top golfers are going to be out of the country on the 15 June so we’ve been in touch with some top pros to give them a Cheers for Beer care package.

Justin Rose will be receiving a beer package and has said he will Tweet to his 798.8k followers on the big day.

What do you need to do?

Make a day of it and party but watch the clock and don’t miss the rallying cry at 7pm and say Cheers to Beer (whilst also posting on social media of course!).


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