The team scooped “top rated” status thanks to Late Rooms and first class praise from food writer Amber Tesia.

Our teammates at the Farmhouse in Mackworth already know how loved it is but now Late Rooms Simply The Guest Award judges have proved it too.

The new “top rated” status means it is one of the best-loved and most highly-reviewed venues – becoming only one of 11 in the area to scoop the title.

While we are on reviews food writer Amber Tesia is also a Farmhouse fan and was left wowed by her welcome from our teammates.

She loved the ‘lush mussels, roaring fires and first class customer service’ but this is the quote we love most – looks like our reviewer enjoyed a Marston’s hug!

“If a building could give you a hug, The Farmhouse at Mackworth would be it. Think of a tonal palette of chocolate, burgundy wine, rich ochre, roaring fires and you’re halfway there to imagining what The Farmhouse at Mackworth’s like.”

Journalists at the Derby Telegraph were also impressed and featured the Farmhouse in its review feature.

Well done to Rob Hattersley and all the team! Keep up the good work.


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