New trucks to roll out the barrels

Our Logistics team is celebrating a new forklift deal with a specially designed Yale kit, including LPG forklifts, reach trucks and ride-on pallet trucks.

Banks’s Brewery recently took a very exciting delivery – the first of our Logistics team’s new mobile handling equipment. The kit, which includes LPG forklifts, reach trucks and ride-on pallet trucks, has been specially designed with Marston’s needs in mind.

The forklifts, used mainly to transfer products to kerbside lorries, will have a keg clamp attachment that can lift up to 18 barrels at a time. A special safety device known as a keg deflector, to protect operators and reduce damage if a keg should fall from the clamp, is also being developed.

The new Yale equipment will be in action soon across 13 depots, including Mansfield, Burton-on-Trent, Shadsworth, Cumberland and Wolverhampton. It’s being supplied by Briggs, under a deal which also includes ongoing maintenance and support.


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