From pub grub to food hub

CFO Andrew Andrea tells the story of our casual dining success at the prestigious Casual Dining Show.

Andrew Andrea, Chief Financial and Corporate Development Officer, was proud to tell the ten-year success story of Marston’s at the Casual Dining Show in London last month. He joined a list of highly acclaimed keynote speakers (including from Nandos, Peach, Propel, TGI Friday and Bill’s) to share more about his journey at Marston’s and how we’ve been able to outperform the market over the last few years.

Taking the audience back to 2006, he said it all started with an ‘f’families and friends, all ready for a new food experience. He reminded the audience that during 2006-2016, Marston’s built around 200 new sites and showed how, with our Destination pubs and Premium innovation hub offer, we’ve kept well abreast of all the developments in food culture. He also shared more about how our growing pub-restaurant estate is attracting younger customers. He put it down to finding a good balance between embracing the emergence of casual dining, whilst sticking to our passion for pubs.

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