Ringwood tops ‘Food & Drinks Guides’ list

Ringwood Brewery has been named on the 'Food & Drink Guides' list for the ‘Best Vineyards and Breweries in Hampshire’.

Hampshire’s home to some top talent when it comes to crafting tasty wines and ales – and none better than our very own team of innovative brewers at Ringwood Brewery.

But don’t just take our word for it! Ringwood was recently recognised by Food & Drink Guides for its classic brews and ‘enviable reputation for quality’. In fact, it was the only brewery to make the list, joined only by three of the best vineyards Hampshire has to offer.

Read the full review here and give Ringwood the thumbs-up for yourself by joining a tour with friends and family. Book online at www.ringwoodbrewery.co.uk.


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