The Clarendon Hotel flies the Marston’s flag again.

Our flagship pub gets a Marston’s makeover, making it ‘the place to be’ in Wolverhampton.

Marston’s flagship pub has a complete refurbishment and the results are outstanding.


The Clarendon Hotel, on Brewery Road in Wolverhampton, has a stunning new look after a major investment that’s elevated it back to flagship status. The makeover only took three weeks and the transformation is amazing.


The Clarendon’s history dates back to 1849 and is only 200 metres from our Banks’ brewery and Marston’s House.


Inside, the pub has retained some of its original features, such as its etched glass windows and fireplace as it was important to show the history of the building as part of the refurb. With an enhanced bar area, dining facilities and a décor that makes you relax in the surroundings, the Clarendon is a great place to visit with your teams or visitors.


The modernisation of the pub now sees it offer a fantastic menu along with some of our delicious craft beers, and you can even choose something from our all-new cocktail selection if you prefer!


Outside, the Clarendon had had a fresh look, a modernised seating area, and even has a mounted barrel that projects the Bank’ logo on the pavement below.


Manager Mark Hodgkiss has been with Marston’s for 15 years and has spent a year at the Clarendon. Mark said: “I’m very proud of the new look and is now ‘the place to be’ in our community. Teammates who have already visited us have given us some great feedback, and I would extend our warm welcome to all of our people who pop in to say hello when they are in the area.”


So why not give Mark a call and book a table for you and your team and experience first-hand what The Clarendon has to offer.

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