Would you run 10 miles for a beer?

Over 370 running enthusiasts were very happy to go the distance for a Wychwood ale! They were all taking part in the first Wychwood Brewery-sponsored Cotswold Classic.

On a bright autumn day in September, 370 runners set off for a 10-mile run across the Oxfordshire countryside, with one goal in mind – to reach the end and receive their free beer!

In its first sponsorship of the prestigious Cotswold Classic run, Wychwood Brewery added some extra ingredients to make it a memorable day. The distinctive Hobgoblin Jaguar ‘pace’ car guided the runners around the course until they were greeted with the welcome sight of the brewery bar. All finishers were offered a free beer to replenish their energy…after they had had their water, of course! The runners were also given a Wychwood-branded limited edition running top to commemorate their achievement.

Feelings about this highly-successful event were summed up by one participant who posted on the Cotswold Classic Facebook page: “LOVED it! Exceptionally well organised, happy and encouraging marshals, good route and a Hobgoblin beer at the end! It just doesn’t get any better, does it?”

Wychwood Brewery is donating proceeds from the event to its adopted charity, Special Effect.


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