Introducing Liberty

We’re launching a new identity for the collection of pubs previously known as ‘Assets Held for Sale’ or ‘Disposals’. It’ll help us talk about these sites in a renewed and positive way.

In 2013, we launched a programme to sell some of our pub sites, known as ‘Assets Held for Sale’ or ‘Disposals’. Since then, we’ve successfully sold about 450 of these pubs, but there are 150 remaining that we feel have the potential to improve their profitability and add value to our business.

Because of this potential, we’ll be keeping these sites within the Marston’s estate, which means that the names ‘Assets Held for Sale’ or ‘Disposals’ don’t really represent what they’re about any more. So, we’re introducing a new internal identity for them from the beginning of October, called ‘Liberty’ pubs.

The new name reflects their need for the freedom and flexibility to be managed differently from the rest of our estate. These businesses, which span across the whole of the UK and are a mixture of Retail, Tenanted and Leased sites, all have promise and potential to grow – they just need nurturing in the right way.

Similarly to our MIT ‘Milestone’ and ‘Clarion’ teams, the name ‘Liberty’ won’t be used anywhere that is customer-facing. But it’ll help us talk about these pubs in a renewed and positive way.

The Liberty sites will continue to report into Group Services (MGS), to maintain the levels of flexibility they require to increase their profits. But they’ll continue to benefit from the sharing of knowledge, learning and support from our wider MIT business.


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