We shared it, now let’s shape it

We recently shared our feedback via the Share it, Shape it survey – and now it’s time to review the results and use them to make a positive difference across our teams.

Simply click on each of the links below to view, save and print your toolkit materials.

A user guide that walks you through how to use the online results tool
A ‘jargon buster’ that quickly explains some of the more techy language you’ll see and hear
Tips to get the most from your team’s Share it, Shape it session
An editable poster: add in your local results and areas of focus, and pin it to your back of house notice board to share with teammates

You might not need all of the materials here – just use whichever ones work best for you and your team, or even simply as a guide to get your discussions started. And, if you need more information or have any questions, your local Share it, Shape it ‘super user’ will be happy to help…

Taverns & Leased, Estates and Premium: Rebecca Beddoes (07773 623409)
Destination and Commercial Marketing: Jess Litherland (07815 418717) and Jenny Williams (07773 623303)

Maria Franklin (07779 222893)

Together, let’s make Marston’s ‘The Place to Be’ 🙂


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