Tanya says a huge thank you

People Development Administrator Tanya Cudworth has started her ground-breaking MS treatment in Germany, thanks to you!

Tanya Cudworth got her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2008. With hugely mixed emotions, she bravely decided she would live the best quality of life that she is able to “without being a burden or moaning.”

This March she took on an impressive challenge – to raise enough money to help pay for pioneering stem cell treatment in Germany. She started off using channels like Go-fund-me and social media, but it was when Marston’s teammates got involved that her campaign really took off.

“Colleagues encouraged me to hold a quiz night with an auction and raffle in May. I also opened an office 50p tuck shop and organised various fundraising games.”

Training & Development teammates also staged three separate charity car washes in Wolverhampton and Burton, and held a charity breakfast, as well as a charity football match between our Burton and Wolverhampton teams, raising a total of £1,167.

Tanya said: “To me, Marston’s is an incredibly supportive employer, allowing people time out of their day jobs to organise and run events, and providing food and funding for events. I have found the whole experience rewarding, heart-warming and humbling.”

She added: “I’ve been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and support. If nothing else comes of this, my faith has been restored in human nature. I have made and re-discovered a lot of friends as a result of this campaign and I’ve also found that, on the whole, people are kind and caring. I’ve been rendered speechless on many occasions, for example when an elderly gentleman came into the Marston’s shop to donate £10 after watching the football match. It was incredibly touching.”

Tanya is undergoing the treatment right now, thanks to the support of her colleagues, friends and family. And the work will continue, with plans to turn the Burton vs Wolverhampton football match and quiz night into annual occasions, with proceeds going to the MS Society or local charities through the Marston’s Charitable Fund (look out for more info on the Fund in the autumn edition of The Place).

On behalf of Tanya, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your support – especially the Training & Development team for organising some great fundraising events. And we wish Tanya all the very best with her treatment.

If you’d like to get involved and show your support, you can follow Tanya’s journey on Facebook here. Donations can also be made via http://gofundme.com/bjtqg5pk.

Here are some of the pics from Tanya’s fundraising activities…


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