New summer menu at Revere

Black truffle, harissa, honey and cumin: the delicate and delicious flavours of summer are infusing the menus at our Premium Pubs & Bars across the country.

It’s high summer, and the aroma of cooking on charcoal and wood-fired ovens drifts across an English garden. That’s the lure of the summer menu at our Revere sites.

Several new dishes make creative use of the Josper charcoal ovens, which are traditionally used for smoky, juicy steaks, including: Josper-glazed peanut chicken skewers, charred salmon fillet, Josper-roasted mussels, and even Josper-roasted cauliflower and broccoli with chili and garlic. These complement the full range of steak cuts and crispy sourdough pizzas.

There’s also a crafted wine list, which is currently featuring a lush and elegant selection of dessert wines.

Tempted? Find your nearest Revere site here.


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