Jennings shop reopens

The Jennings Brewery shop has reopened for the first time since the Cumbrian floods in December last year.

Jennings Brewery has reopened its brewery shop for the first time since last winter’s dramatic floods. After months of hard work, the team has restored the shop to its former glory. The shop’s doors were re-opened on 18 July, just in time for summer brewery tours.

It’s been a tremendous effort for everyone since December, when parts of the brewery were swamped with 8ft of water, knocking out power and damaging the shop.

Despite facing ‘once in a lifetime’ floods for the second time in six years, the team pulled out all the stops over Christmas and the New Year to move huge volumes of water, silt and sludge, and equipment. With amazing dedication and tireless team spirit, the brewery itself was put back into action in January, only a month later. Head Brewer Jeremy Pettman said at the time: “We simply have to brew beer because we care about our customers.”

The first brewery tour took place on 20 July, with happy visitors finding out how beer is brewed at one of England’s oldest breweries.

Thank you and congratulations to the team for your efforts to get brewing and selling again as quickly as possible – you’ve really gone above and beyond to achieve this!


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