From Line Chef to Head Chef in 18 months

Meet Joshua Cucknell – the new Head Chef at the Sparking Clog – and find out what’s inspired him to reach for the top.

Only 18 months ago, Joshua Cucknell joined Marston’s as a Line Chef. Six months later he was made Second Chef and was encouraged to go on our Head Chef courses. Now a Head Chef at the Sparking Clog (a community pub in Lancashire), he told Marston’s Careers that the support and learning opportunities from our Training & Development team has kept him moving up the ranks – much faster than at his previous employers.

Joshua believes that the combination of team-building exercises and chances to train in other locations has kept his experience and confidence levels rising. He said: “I used to be very nervous and now I’m very confident with lots of friends.”

Although he is currently happy running the kitchen at the Sparking Clog, Joshua now has a new ambition – to be a Kitchen Trainer, so that he can help people develop in same way our Training team did for him.

View more about Joshua’s career highlights here.

If you’d like to find out more about the Training & Development opportunities waiting for you, speak to your line manager or get in touch with your local HR Business Partner. You can also check-out the latest career opportunities from across Marston’s here.


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