Group IT Director Mike McMinn has written an article for Hot Topics about the importance of technology to enhance the customer journey.

Writing for Hot Topics, the online magazine for tech leaders, Group IT Director Mike McMinn has been talking about how Marston’s IT team has been developing tech solutions to improve the relationship between the business and our consumers.

Understanding and enhancing the customer journey is a crucial part of our Marketing strategy – and we need strong IT solutions in place to support this. Mike explains: “The partnership with our Marketing team to deliver a sound customer experience was helped by us being constantly aware of changing consumer preferences and behaviors; a collaborative approach also means the appropriate strategy is used.”

“Online, customers could search for nearby Marston’s pubs that they could visit, but the system then only supported registration to one establishment – which doesn’t make sense when one individual visits at least four pubs within their area.

“Also, the searches weren’t personalised or understanding of the customer’s needs: maybe they preferred a large beer garden, or if they have children they may prefer different facilities, like a play area, and search results were not differentiated to support these preferences. These considerations were not remembered the next time a customer entered a site, either.

“Our Tech team recognised that these were relatively simple to fix, and could help the Marketing team and wider company understand current and new customers. We embedded a code on our website so that when people searched for specific services from a pub, the site would remember and suggest more appropriate alternatives during the next encounter.”

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