A few days left to apply to ‘save as you earn’

There are only a few days left to register for this year’s Sharesave scheme. Don’t miss out on your chance to save and buy discounted Marston’s shares.

This year’s Sharesave scheme closes Sunday 12 June, so you’ve only got a few more days to register. It’s a great way to ‘save as you earn’ and is designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out…


  1. It’s an easy way to save: The amount of money you choose to save when you register for Sharesave is automatically deducted from your net pay each week or month.
  2. There are savings levels for all budgets: You can choose your own fixed savings amount — from as little as £2.50 per week or £10 per month, right up to £125 per week or £500 per month.
  3. There’s a choice of savings period: It’s a scheme that’s designed to suit you, so you get the choice of how long you want to save for — three or five years.
  4. The payments are flexible: You can suspend payments for up to six months if you need to.
  5. You have the option to buy discounted shares: If you choose to buy shares with either some or all of your savings at the end of your savings period, the price is fixed at £1.24 per ordinary share (that’s a 20% discount!). Alternatively, you can receive your savings as a cash lump sum.
  6. You can have a share in our future: You work incredibly hard and achieve great things at Marston’s every day. So, the option to buy discounted Marston’s plc shares means that you can share in the success that you’ve helped to create.
  7. It’s a win-win: With so many flexible options to choose from, the ability to just sit back and watch your savings grow, and the option to buy discounted shares or receive your savings as a cash lump sum at the end, it means you really can’t lose!


To find out more about Sharesave and to register, simply visit www.esp-portal.com/clients/marstons on either a work or personal device. It’s open to all of our people who have been employed continuously for one year as at 18 May 2016.


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