Henley Regatta

To celebrate 10 years of sponsorship, Brakspear’s offering eight lucky winners the chance to experience a day of VIP treatment during this year’s regatta.

Drag your thoughts out of the winter gloom and imagine yourself enjoying a sunny summer’s day, sipping a pint of Brakspear on the banks of the River Thames…

This year’s Henley Royal Regatta (arguably the world’s best known regatta and one of the highlights of the English social and sporting calendar!) takes place from 29 June to 3 July.

With over a mile of first-class hospitality and entertainment, it’s the place to be seen – and we’ve got eight VIP tickets to give away, courtesy of Brakspear and Temple Island Meadows.

If this floats your boat, all you need to do is play our ‘Row to Go’ online game. Visit www.brakspear-beers.co.uk/regatta to have a go – simply enter your details and predict the team that you think will win.

You can then watch the results unfold as each team races towards the finish line (super competitive players can even stop halfway and swap teams, or sabotage their opponent’s boat to ruin their chances of victory!).

All race winners will be entered into the main prize draw, which closes on 31 May.

Good luck!


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